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The Simple Act of Walking

Updated: Apr 16

The simple act of walking

I have been completely slammed with work recently, convincing myself that I couldn't spare a second to step away from my computer because I just didn't have the time. After missing breakfast, breaking my own rules of stopping at lunchtime for a quick walk, and subsequently feeling run-down and fed up, I knew something had to change.

It's all too easy to tell yourself if you work through it, you will be finished quicker and can do all the things you planned to do later, but the reality is, that time never comes. Sound familiar? If so, this is the time to break the cycle and do something about it.

Yesterday, I set my alarm clock for 12:00pm, determined to get up off my chair and head out for a quick walk. I might have been half an hour late with that plan, but I did do it and my goodness, did I feel better for it! It completely calmed my mind, and helped me feel instantly relaxed, and not once did I stress about 'missing time' or feel rushed to get back. I realised that for half an hour the world wouldn't miss me. There could be nothing so important that I couldn't afford to put on hold for a precious 30-minute de-stress.

So I urge you, set an alarm on your phone and make a promise to yourself that at a convenient time for you during your work day, you head out for a walk. Even if you work in an office, you're entitled to a break right? The simple act of walking really does make all the difference.

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