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How to Write a Blog Without Starting From Scratch

Updated: Apr 13

How to write a blog without starting from scratch

If you didn't already know, including a blog section on your website is a brilliant way to increase your SEO, and get you showing up on search engines all over the place. It does more than that though, it shows your potential customers that you're knowledgable, that you're credible.

It all sounds great, doesn't it? But if you hate writing or don't have the time, it may feel like starting a blog simply isn't an option even though you know it should be. Sometimes just the idea of starting one from scratch is enough to leave you running away from the keyboard.

But what if I told you, that you already have the content for a blog? If you're posting videos on YouTube or hosting a podcast your content is ready, you simply need to transcribe the audio into text and there are lots of easy ways to do that.

YouTube does the hard work for you, by automatically creating a transcript that you can simply copy and paste, once your video has been uploaded. Just click on the 3 dots next to the save icon and the transcript pops up. There are also tools like which work too, although you will need to do a bit of editing once the text file is ready.

So what if you don't do podcasts or make YouTube videos? Your content might still be there. If you're posting Reels on Instagram, putting on live events, or even posting stories, all you need to do is elaborate on the content and you have your story.

If it all still sounds like too much hard work for you, hiring a Virtual Assistant to do it for you is a great option. If you chose a company like L.T. VA Services, a 5-hour plan at £145 per month would work perfectly for this level of support. That's a small investment to increase your website traffic and gain brand awareness.

With your blog posts, you can then post them as Linkedin articles, which can do a lot for your credibility amongst professionals. You don't need to post daily, not even weekly if you don't want to. Perhaps a bi-weekly or monthly post would work better for you.

No matter how often you decide to post, make sure you consider it. Blog posts are your secret SEO weapon.

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