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Are You Making Your Message Consistent?

Updated: Apr 13

How to target customers on social media

We live in a world where the main platform for marketing is social media. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to get used to it, because it isn't going anywhere, and it's the number one place to get your message across to your target audience.

The problem is not determining what your message is, but how to keep sending it out there consistently. Let's dive into some quick and simple rules for reaching the right people with the right message.


The first thing you need to work out, whether you're creating a full-blown social media campaign, or simply posting on certain days of the week, is what you would like the outcome to be from your posts. Are you trying to get more followers, increase brand awareness or drive traffic to your website? What is your ultimate goal? It could be a combination of all of those factors, and if so, you need to almost funnel them into an order that won't leave you or anyone else confused.

For example, on our LinkedIn page, we want to drive traffic to our website and generate leads, but we won't do that without creating brand awareness. Customers want to know, like and trust you before buying these days, so you have to take the time to nurture your audience and give them a reason to believe in you. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to get them onto our website, but we can only really do that by making them more aware of who we are. On Instagram, it's all about building brand awareness. Therefore just like us, you might have different strategies depending on each platform.

Determine what outcome you would like and then next decide on...


I honestly believe that if you can remember just one thing when creating social media posts, it will make your entire experience much easier. The thing you need to remember is what your message is all about. This part is so important because by sticking to one key message, one theme, you won't stray and start posting nonsense stuff like happy world book day. Our message here at L.T. VA Services is all about time, it's constantly reminding our audience that without delegating, you won't get back the time needed to spend on your business. We try to stick to that message as much as possible, only deviating if we have something of value to offer, like a freebie (great lead magnet), or something to educate our audience (creates credibility). Those are the only times you should move away from your message.

It's that simple. Determine your goals, determine your message and stay on course. It doesn't matter if you don't suddenly find yourself with an influx of messages and followers, what matters is that you're being consistent, and believe it or not, your audience is seeing that. You're driving your message home and sooner or later it will land with the right person.


It's all too easy to get 'stuck' for ideas and reach for the calendar to figure out what special day or public holiday is coming up, or think about what month we're in and what the weather has been like lately. But please don't use a stop-gap filler to post about "happy Monday" because you can't think of what else to write unless you can make it relevant to your message. It's much better to post quality posts, and not worry about the quantity. Most importantly, remember to engage. Don't be a broadcaster, posting then sitting back waiting for the comments to roll in. They won't. Play the game and you might just win the race.

Good luck!

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