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Updated: Apr 13

Believe it or not, there's a lot a Virtual Assistant can get done in a week, way more than 30 tasks in all honesty. Used to multitasking and switching from client to client, a VA becomes more and more efficient over time at getting jobs done in a timely manner and to a high quality.

It's the fact that VAs are so used to diversifying that they are able to complete so many tasks in a day without compromising on quality. Here's a rundown of the top 30 tasks a VA can complete in just one week:

1. Emails

Let's start with an easy one, a task that doesn't take up a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. Checking in on client emails is a task that Virtual Assistants usually start with each day, and an astute VA will have an app set up to notify them of any new emails throughout the day. Emails can be overwhelming, especially if you let them build up, so outsourcing your inbox management and responses is a great task to pass on if you can.

2. Social Media Content Creation

It takes about an hour for a VA to create a week's worth of content for clients, including text and graphics, and any VA worth their salt will be scheduling the posts to go out as they go too, creating the content within the scheduling app to save time for their clients. If you like to create your own content, but would prefer your VA to post for you, try to keep everything in one place for them to keep time spent to a minimum, perhaps on a Trello board or a Google drive.

3. Team Events

Organising a meeting room, monthly team meal or annual team event is a task best left to a VA. Doing this yourself isn't going to generate an income so it's much better to outsource it and spend your own time on something that's going to bring in a return.

4. Invoicing

There's no need to hire an accounts person to deal with invoicing. Can someone working in accounts turn their hand to social media marketing or blog post writing? Probably not. But a VA can definitely do that and send and chase invoices too.

5. Blog Posts

Speaking about blog posts, this is another great reason to hire a VA. Blog posts are essential for improving SEO results and creating credibility amongst potential clients, but they can take up time too. Give your VA some ideas on what you want them to write about, and let them do the hard work.

6. Email Campaigns and Newsletters

We all know we should be sending out regular newsletters but more often than not, we see clients shoving it from one to-do list to the next. Instead of telling yourself, you will get to it, let go of the control and get a VA to do it for you. Even if it's just once a month.

7. Social Media Engagement

It might feel like cheating, but believe it or not, a lot of Virtual Assistants engage on social media platforms on behalf of their clients, logging into their accounts, getting used to their "voice", and keeping up with engagement to help beat those pesky algorithms.

8. Podcast Support

From publishing to writing the show notes or final transcript, there's plenty of support a VA can offer when it comes to getting your podcasts out into the public domain.

9. Diary Management

From putting dates into your calendar to updating staff holidays, this task goes hand in hand with email checking. It makes sense to get your VA to cover both of these jobs rather than trying to fit in the time to do it yourself.

10. Prospecting

If you are actively seeking out new clients, prospecting is the way to do it. Some companies use Hubspot, others use Sales Navigator and some people prefer the "warm-up" approach, a lengthy, process that builds up trust between you and your new connection before you send them that inevitable "sales pitch". Prospecting or obtaining new leads is absolutely essential but probably the most time-consuming task for any business owner. By personalising the messaging, and agreeing on the strategy, you really ought to then pass this task on to a VA who can do the hard work for you.

11. Data Entry

No business is complete without a spreadsheet! There's always data to be input somewhere. A VA will be more than capable of taking care of it.

12. Updating Google My Business

I bet you never thought of this one? Yep, this is a task a lot of business owners forget about. They set it up and never look back, but what if your information is outdated? It can put a lot of people off if they check you out on Google my business to find out-of-date info. Get your VA to check in with Google my Business on a monthly or weekly basis.

13. Creating Online Events

From ticket sales to free webinars, a VA is a great partner to have when running an event of any kind. From setting up an email sequence, putting tickets onto Eventbrite, and advertising the event on Facebook and Linkedin, get your VA to take care of this AND monitor the channels for activity.

14. Automations

Talking about email sequences, if you don't have one, or automation of any kind set up, you're already throwing your money down the toilet. A VA is worth their weight in gold getting your welcome email sequence or email campaigns automated, so that you're not wasting your time doing it manually, and they don't have to do it again either once it's set up. Win-win!

15. Proposals and Quotes

Alongside invoicing, this is another great task to outsource to a VA.

16. Proofreading

If there's one thing a VA can't do, it's make a spelling mistake! Get a VA to proofread your copy before it goes out.

17. Website Editing

Most VAs can turn their hand to website design and therefore, website editing. From creating landing pages to integrating forms or making simple edits, why mess with it yourself or enlist the help of an expensive web designer, if your VA can do it for you?

18. Presentations

Come on, nobody really loves creating PowerPoint presentations do they?? Well, almost no one. Virtual assistants are more than capable of doing this and most actually enjoy it!

19. Market Research

Whether launching a new product or researching your competitors, at some point in business research is inevitable. It's also boring so get your VA to do it for you!

20. Infographics

Whether you need new business cards, an event poster, or an invite for your child's 1st birthday party, leave the creativity to your VA.

21. Pinterest Updating

It's a forgotten social media platform, but it's an important one! VAs can easily convert blog posts and social media posts into Pins, it doesn't take long and it's another useful way to get your name out there.

22. Affiliate Link Management

if you’re lucky enough to be generating income through affiliate links, it means you might need a system to manage your links. Apps like Geniuslinks need to be checked weekly for broken links and Amazon reports need to be uploaded manually into Affilimate. Do you know how much you’re bringing in each month? A VA can check those links and keep tabs on your monthly revenue.

23. CRM Management

From deleting unsubscribes and bouncers to adding new contacts or tagging, keeping your CRM system up to date is a tedious, time-consuming task. It’s another one of those jobs that don’t generate an income for you either so why waste time on it when a VA can do it for you?

23. Networking Events

Ok so this is a novel idea, but hear me out. If you’re running a medium to large size business, you won’t be attending networking events in person, because you’re far too busy for that. However, you understand how important it is, so what do you do? You hire a Business Development manager of course. The only problem is, Business Development Managers usually expect full-time hours AND commission. A cost-effective solution? A VA who can sit in on zoom meetings for you, who can nurture the contacts they’ve made, and who can set up calls for you. That’s got you thinking, hasn’t it?

24. Selling on eBay and Amazon

More and more VAs have become experts in selling on these online shopping stores. Uploading your stock can be repetitive and time-consuming so why not consider a VA for the work instead?

25. Transcribing

What a boring job! Transcribing for minutes, blog posts, or podcasts is often necessary because let’s face it, we can’t rely on software like to do it for you, no matter how good it is. Mistakes are often made therefore, a human touch is always needed. Do you really have time to sit there transcribing? Do you really want to?

26. Minute Taking

It isn’t necessary to pull your secretary in from important work to take minutes when you can simply allow a VA to tune in via a video or conference call to do it for you. Remember, don’t ask staff to do jobs that don't directly bring you in an income, put them in money-earning roles and outsource the backend admin stuff like minute-taking.

27. Book Travel

Lots of business owners need to travel, whether it's within the same country or abroad. Building a relationship with an assistant who knows your likes and dislikes makes it so much easier when it comes to them finding hotels that meet your requirements, planning distances between destinations, and pulling together local information.

28. Keyword and Hashtags Searching

It is important to keep up to date with relevant keywords and hashtags as they tend to change all the time. Keywords are important when it comes to your website, blog posts, and advertisements. Having a VA in the background who can be checking on these things and even better, update them for you, is a real-time saver and will keep you ahead of the game.

29. Physical Mailing

If you send or have delivered to your VA, letters that need posting, most will stuff them for you and post them. Of course, you will have to make sure you have delivered everything they need to do the job, and expect that they will start the clock when putting letters into envelopes and walking to the post office. But this is a great task to outsource as it saves lots of time and gets the job done.

30. YouTube Responses

If you have an active YouTube channel, you most likely have people leaving comments. How lovely would it be to be able to personally respond to those comments, whether it's a simple thumbs up or leaving an actual comment? A VA could easily do this for you, skipping past any they recognise as needing a real response from you.


So there you have it. Now, it's important to understand that not all VAs will be able to do all of these tasks, so it's essential you find a good VA or VA agency that has someone who is a real all-rounder.

This is exactly what we offer at L.T. VA Services, and what's more, you could split the time between more than one VA based on their skills, for no extra cost.

If any of these jobs stand out as something you would like to outsource, use the link below to book a call with us, and let's see if we can help.

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