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Real Life Stories from

Our Clients

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Kirsty Waite

Owner of Kirsty Waite Business Coaching and The Ethical Coaching Co.

" I have a business coaching business and help other business owners to create whatever business it is they want and to achieve their goals. I initially started work with L.T. VA because things were getting too much and I knew I needed help. Amongst other things I have a podcast and my VA sorts out the transcribing of it, the scheduling of it, putting it up onto the platform and the social media posts around it. 

My VA has just done a huge piece of work to help me transfer my CRM system from one to the other too, she's amazing! Having a VA has given me a huge amount of time back, especially with the podcast which was really time consuming. 

Would I recommend L.T. VA? Yes! To everybody"!

Owner of Staged2sell, home staging company

"I run a home staging company and we put furniture into homes to make them more presentable, to help them sell. We also have a business C2 group, that I run with my husband, that is printing and signage. I initially reached out to L.T. VA because I was getting overloaded on the admin things. I was spending too much time on it which was taking me away from things I should be doing in the business. 

I've never had to pause my plan, but I'm guessing it would be straightforward, everything with the team is straightforward. It's not always easy as a business owner to delegate but it's the best thing". 

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Tracy McIvor

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Barry Luff

Owner of Beacon Sales Associates.

"I run a sales consultancy, so I work for various different clients and help them to grow their businesses. I met Lisa, the CEO at a networking event and we got chatting. I had some admin work which I required help with, so I tried her business, L.T. VA Services. 

It has given me more time to concentrate on my business rather than doing the actual grunt work. A lot of the work they do is helping me reach potential clients. 


One of the benefits of using this service is that it gives you the flexibility to use it as and when you need to. I can pause my plan and pick it back up whenever I like. Anybody that's actually running a small business or looking to grow their business, this is a perfect opportunity to utilise someone else's skills.


If you work out how much it costs your time, and your money, and you are trying to do everything within your business, I would stay stop and use these services". 

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