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What would you do with more time?

  • FREE trial available 

  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

  • Pay-as-you-go available

  • Roll over unused hours

  • Support plans from £150 per month

  • From basic admin to content marketing, social media, and tech.

  • UK-based virtual assistants

Relaxing Outdoor


More time for bedtime stories, extra snuggles, the school run, after school activities and spontaneous day trips


More time to network, work on your business growth, putting yourself where you're needed most, and nurturing your customers


More time for lunch dates, gym sessions during the day, extra time in bed and working less hours so you can do something fun instead

Welcome to our family of UK-based virtual assistants, each one skilled in areas such as tech, creativity, project management, accounting, admin and professional minute-taking. Whether you're an entrepreneur, business coach, property developer, sole trader, or running an SME, we're here to help you achieve more. Plus, we offer something that no other virtual assistant service does. Are you curious to find out what that is?

Simply Admin

The Simply Admin Support Plan offers an essential range of virtual administrative services to streamline your business operations

Admin + HR

The Admin + HR Support Plan merges indispensable administrative services with professional human resources support, all managed by our skilled remote personal Assistants

Admin + Tech

The Admin + Tech Support Plan provides a comprehensive blend of administrative and technical support services, carried out by our proficient Virtual Assistants (VAs)

Admin +Marketing & Content

The Admin + Marketing Content Support Plan integrates essential administrative services with specialized marketing and content creation, facilitated by our expert Virtual Assistants

Admin +Finance

The Simply Admin & Finance Support Plan combines top-notch administrative services with expert financial support, provided by our adept Personal Assistants 

Pay as you go

The Pay-As-You-Go VA Support Plan offers flexible and scalable virtual assistant services to match your ever-changing business needs. across a range of our specialised services

What do our clients think?


Pay as you go

Need ad-hoc support? Want more control of your budget? Our pay as you go plan is the best option

Monthly Hours

Starting with our budget friendly 5 hour per month support plan, choose the hours you need and roll over unused time


You can cancel anytime, upgrade and downgrade your account and even pause if you need to

Got questions about data, security, costs, and anything else related to our services? Find all your answers by hitting the link below. 

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What We Offer Against Our Main Competitor

As well as complete flexibility...

Pause Plan

Roll over unused time

Fully UK-based assistants

HR Qualified VAs

Dedicated 1:1 VA & multiple VA options

Experienced tech VAs

Full finance solutions available

Access to client portal, track time in real-time

Flexible and competitive pricing

customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our services are cost-effective and flexible, and we guarantee your satisfaction. We'll handle your admin tasks, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business or whatever is important to you.

What can 5 more hours per month get you?

  • 1 Extra hour for playing with your kids

  • 30 Minutes to exercise or do something for you

  • 1 Hour to catch up with an old friend for lunch

  • 1 Hour to spend on that project you never have time for 

  • 30 minutes to sort out your inbox

  • 1 Hour to spend on business growth

The possibilities are endless

Struggling to gauge how much virtual assistance you might need? Don't worry, we're here to help. Simply schedule a quick chat with us. Our role isn't to sell or pressure you into a plan that doesn't fit your needs – far from it. Instead, we're here to listen and understand. We'll provide an honest assessment of the monthly assistance hours we believe you might require, even if it's minimal. Our philosophy encourages taking small, manageable steps rather than jumping headlong into potential chaos. So why wait? Schedule a call to discover your ideal VA support volume. We're eager to lend an ear and help guide your journey. Harness the power of professional virtual assistance to optimise your business operations and foster growth. Trust us; we're all ears.

Virtual assistant services

Our Virtual Assistants are UK-based and work for people just like you, all over the world. We can work around your time zone, with bespoke schedules organised between you and your dedicated VA.  Don't need regular support? We also offer one-off packages for the most common problems business owners face including website support, minute-taking, and CRM and automation assistance. We're here to help you achieve more.

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Tracy McIvor

I would absolutely recommend hiring a VA, it frees up your time and there's lots of things we think we can do quicker and better but ultimately running your business you need that kind of stuff taken care of

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 17.46.17.png

Bill Adams

Your dedication to the work of SFOI has brought it to a level it has never been before; your relentless pursuit to accomplish the tasks has pushed me to get work done I had only allowed hoped could be accomplished; your personal initiative means the work is getting done without any worry; your joyful attitude makes you a delight to work with; you are superb in every way Lisa! And an answer to prayer!

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 17.36.50.png

Steven Walls

We have worked with Lisa and the team for over 2 years; the service we have received has been exemplary. Always courteous, prompt, and extremely professional. A very high standard of service and would highly recommend them to any business seeking office and admin support.

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 19.32.37.png

Barry Luff

Signed up with L.T. VA for a free trial a couple of months ago to see if we could work together. Since then they have helped with admin tasks as well as being my help desk to get around microsoft gmail You tube issues. LTVA is like having your own PA without the heavy expense and using on an ad hock basis.If you have your own business and you are trying to do everything DONT! Use an expert like LTVA who does it in a fraction of the time it takes you! I thoroughly recommend their services

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your time is valuable. Let us help you with our virtual assistant service. We don't tie you down with contracts, and our team is equipped to handle any task you need. We provide access to our bespoke time portal system, so you can keep track of exactly how your time and money are being spent to maximise efficiency and achieve more.

Do you want...

Less Stress?

More time to grow your business?

More opportunities to increase your income?

To reduce your working hours?

To optimise your team?

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