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More time for my business

What would you do, with more time?

Grow by letting go...


More time for bedtime stories, extra snuggles, the school run, after school activities and spontaneous day trips


More time to network, work on business growth, putting yourself where you're needed most, and nurturing your customers


More time for lunch dates, gym sessions during the day, extra time in bed and working less hours so you can do something fun instead

What does a Virtual assistant (VA) do?

We have a family of VAs individually skilled in tech, creativity, project management, accounting, and more. We work with business coaches, property developers, sole traders, and even individuals looking for family support. But we have something no other VA agency has. Want to know what that is?

Tech VAs

Our tech VAs can help you with tasks that may feel too advanced or technical for you. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Automation creation and support

  • Advanced website support, creating pages, coding, back-end support

  • Working in CRM systems, setting up and management,

  • Podcast support, transcribing, uploading to platforms, adding show notes

  • Setting up organisational apps and tools, such as Asana, Miro, Monday, Trello

  • Creating webhooks

  • Managing email sequences and automated emails 

  • Transitioning one CRM system to another

  • Setting up training courses and memberships 

  • Setting up Google Analytics

Creative VAs

Our creative VAs can help you when you feel stuck for ideas, and overwhelmed by a sense of writer's block. Here's what we can do:

  • Blog post ideas and writing

  • Creating pitches for funding proposals

  • Social media creation

  • Newsletter content creation

  • Creating proposals, brochures, presentations, and business documentation

  • PR submissions

  • Creating reels for Instagram and Tik Tok

  • Event and party planning 

  • Working in Canva for graphic creation

  • Marketing strategy ideas

What do our clients think?

What can 5 more hours per month get you?

  • 1 Extra hour for playing with the kids

  • 30 Minutes to exercise or do something for you

  • 1 Hour to catch up with an old friend for lunch

  • 1 Hour to spend on that project you never have time for 

  • 30 Minutes to sort out your inbox

  • 1 Hour to spend on business growth

The possibilities are endless

Not sure how much time you would need? It's simple. Book a short call with us, and we'll listen. The call isn't to try to sell you anything or push you onto a plan you don't need. That's not what we are about. Instead, we listen. We'll tell you honestly how many hours per month we think you will need, even if it's only a few. We believe taking baby steps is the right approach, so we would never ask you to dive into something that will just create overwhelm. Book a call to find out how much time you need. We're ready to listen.

Our Virtual Assistants are UK-based and work for people all over the world. We can work around your time zone, with bespoke schedules organised between you and your dedicated VA.  

Clock and Plant


Unlike employees, Virtual Assistants don't cost you in training, recruitment, benefits, holiday, or sick pay. There are no bonuses to pay, no annual review, and no worry about employment laws. Just you, and them, getting it done. Virtual Assistants come from a variety of backgrounds, often, highly skilled and tech-savvy. Because they are used to multi-tasking and working in many different industries, they learn quickly and will save you more time than you could have ever imagined. Having said that, you might have questions. What about data, confidentiality, and security? It's all answered here in our brochure. 

What Our Clients Say


Thank you from Barry L

Signed up with Lisa for one of her free trials a couple of months ago to see if we could work together.
Since then Lisa has helped with admin tasks as well as being my help desk to get around microsoft gmail You tube issues
It is like having your own PA without the heavy expense and using on an ad hock basis.
If you have your own business and you are trying to do everything DONT!
Use an expert like Lisa who does it in a fraction of the time it takes you! I thoroughly recommend her services

No contracts. No tiered selling. Flexible plans. Cancel anytime. Pause anytime

Pay as you go

Need ad-hoc support? Want more control of your budget? Our pay as you go plan is the best option

Monthly Hours

Starting with our budget friendly 5 hour per month support plan, choose the hours you need and roll over unused time


You can cancel anytime, upgrade and downgrade your account and even pause if you need to

Less stress
More time to grow your business
More opportunities to increase your income
Reduce your working hours
Optimise your team


Stressed Woman

Book a call or choose your plan
We'll match you with the right VA or provide you with 3 resumes to choose your own 
Sign up for your plan

Get started right away!

Without time, you can't scale. Grow by letting go

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